We are fully qualified and experienced to service and maintain the following models. Our pricing is competitive and our appointments flexible. We always endeavour to meet your requirements, even beyond usual service hours:

AGAs and AGA Appliances

Whether for a routine service, repair or breakdown, we have the experience and expertise to care for your AGA - be it a vintage solid fuel model or one of the newest electrical offerings.


Recognised by The Rayburn Guild, we are able to cover all models of Rayburn. From a regular service to fitting replacement firebricks or a new motor, you can be confident we will ensure your Rayburn is performing at its best.

Servicing and breakdown

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All Agas and Rayburns need some sort of servicing, ranging from every six months for an oil Aga, to every five years for a low maintenance 13 AMP electric Aga. It is essential you regularly service your appliance so it can continue performing to your expectations. All boilers should be serviced annually.

How often will my AGA/Rayburn need servicing?

In line with AGAs official recommendations we recommend servicing at the following intervals:

  • Solid Fuel and oil AGAs should be serviced every 6 months (some models require only annual servicing).

  • Gas AGAs should be serviced annually.

  • 30 AMP electric models should be checked for electrical safety annually.

  • 13AMP electric models, including AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control should have a full service every 5 years and an interim check every 2 ½ years.

  • Oil fired Rayburns should be serviced annually, though some models require servicing at 6 monthly intervals.

  • Solid Fuel Rayburns should be serviced every 6 months.

  • Gas fired Rayburns should be serviced annually

What does a service involve?

Electric Services

Gas Services

Oil Services

To book a service or discuss your requirements further, please complete the booking form or contact us directly.


Of course as with any appliance, there may be occasions where not everything goes to plan and the cooker develops an interim fault. We will diagnose and repair the fault, replacing any parts necessary. We always use genuine AGA / Rayburn parts so you can be assured of quality and longevity. We understand how important having a fully functioning appliance is to you and will ensure the fault is dealt with promptly and you experience the minimal possible disruption.

Understanding your AGA / Rayburn

Perhaps you have moved into a property and inherited an AGA? Or you are a first time AGA owner? Or maybe you just need a refresher? We are always available to answer any questions you may have or to talk through the day to day operation of your AGA / Rayburn. We can consult on how to get the most out of your appliance and the maximum efficiency from your fuel source. 

Based on the Dorset coast, close to Lyme Regis and Bridport, Rural Ranges Ltd offers servicing and repairs within a 40 mile radius of DT6 and installations, conversions and refurbishment throughout Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Hampshire and Wiltshire.