Reconditioned Agas

We buy the best young used Agas on the market and recondition them to the highest standard. We guarantee your refurbished Aga will be from one complete cooker - unlike many companies we never build Agas from a mismatch of parts. Your Aga will be fully built on site and fine tuned to meet and exceed your expectations by our experienced engineers or beyond our area by another of our trusted industry colleagues. As a minimum the top plate will have been re enamelled, door liners, ropes, lids and seals replaced and internals shot blasted. Working parts will have been fully serviced or replaced where appropriate. In addition fully refurbished Agas will have a newly enamelled front plate. This process is carried out by a specialist enamellers in their purpose built facility. Our enamellers can offer 27 different colours as well as colour matching to a shade of your choice. 

The following is just a selection of the Agas we currently have available. Our stock is constantly changing so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. If we do not currently have the Aga of your desire in stock we are always happy to purchase and recondition to your exact specification.

Aga Total Control 3 oven (TC3) in pewter NOW SOLD

We are delighted to be able to offer this stunning refurbished 3 oven Aga Total Control in Pewter. This Aga has been renovated throughout, with a newly enamelled top plate, new lids and liners, door liners, ropes and seals. The front plate and internals have been professionally deep cleaned. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a TC on the refurbished market and is available for a very competitive £7000, including delivery and installation within a 75 miles radius of our West Dorset base. Delivery further afield available on arrangement.

The TC is one of the newest generation of Aga cookers. Fully controllable, each hot plate and oven can be individually operated, reducing fuel bills and making your appliance more efficient.

4 oven 13Amp Aga with aims NOW SOLD

cream 4 oven.jpg

This beautiful 4 oven 13amp Aga comes equipped with aims (Aga Intelligent Management System). The excellent Aims system enables you to programme the Aga so it is up to running temperature whenever required and drops down to an Eco mode when not in use. This means an Aims Aga is significantly more economical to run than a standard 13Amp cooker.  Another benefit of Aims is the holiday mode which enables your cooker to be off for the entirety of your holiday but hot and ready when you walk through the door; a very popular choice with users. New in 2010, this Aga is enamelled in the perennially popular classic cream, with newly enamelled top plate, lids, door liners, ropes and seals and many new cosmetic touches. The Aga features the LPG gas hob option. Available to purchase for £6450 including installation within 75 miles of our West Dorset base. As always we are very happy to arrange installation further afield with one of our excellent industry colleagues.

Our range of reconditioned Agas 

Always available fully reconditioned oil and electric Agas in a choice of 27 shades or colour matched for an additional fee. Gas Agas subject to availability.

Also currently available:

-4 oven reconditioned night storage (30Amp) Aga in claret £7000 (including installation within 75 miles)

- 4 oven reconditioned night storage (30Amp) Aga in black £7000 (including installation within 75 miles)

-2 oven Standard model in white, reconditioned and converted using ElectricKit £4050 (including installation within 75 miles)

-2 oven Standard model re enamelled in any colour, reconditioned and converted using ElectricKit £4450 (including installation within 75 miles)

-2 oven oil Agas in cream £3995 (including installation within 75 miles)

Many more expertly reconditioned AGAs available. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements.