Oven Cleaning

We've teamed up with The Oven Valeting Company to offer a full professional cleaning service for your Aga, Rayburn or conventional cooker. Founded in 2004 The Oven Valeting Company specialise in detailed cleaning of Agas and Rayburns using only eco-friendly and non toxic cleaning products. With painstaking attention to detail their team of expert cleaners will bring your Aga back to its former best.

We know how much our customers value the always-there nature of their Agas. By booking a clean and service together, your Aga need only be turned off once. We'll spend the morning in your home restoring your Aga to full health, after which it needn't skip a beat until it's next clean and service. Why not book a mini -refurb and clean? We can replace lid liners, domes, door liners and ropes, alongside a deep clean of top plate, front plate and internals to give your Aga that good as new glow. Call us on 07920772483 or The Oven Valeting Company direct now on 07969296553 to book your clean and service.

Please note: Some of our service areas are not covered by this cleaning service.

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