Convert your Aga with the most flexible and economical kit on the market

Is your Aga costing you more than you would like? Moving to a property without gas or oil? Or trying to move away from fossil fuels? Eliminate servicing costs, dramatically reduce running costs and experience a more flexible cooker, whilst retaining all the qualities of the traditional Aga by converting with Electrickit. This revolutionary kit offers all the flexibility and low running costs of the latest Aga models but at a lower price point and without needing to replace your existing Aga. Electrickit can be fitted into any existing Aga (subject to condition), including even the very earliest solid fuel models. We also supply high quality refurbished Agas converted using electrickit.

Designed and manufactured in Devon, Electrickit is gaining popularity throughout the country. Our customers say it is reliable and energy saving.

Since having a reconditioned electrickit Aga installed by Rural Ranges our consumption has dropped considerably... We are so pleased with this Aga and the service Rural Ranges have given us..the cosy warmth they give out on tick over and it’s just a flick of a switch to get them up to level - it’s revolutionary!
— A Rural Ranges customer

Why is Electrickit more efficient?

Concerned about the cost of running an electric Aga? Electrickit cleverly re engineers your existing Aga shell for maximum modern efficiency making it considerably cheaper to run than a standard 13Amp Aga or standard 13Amp conversion. Over the course of a day the Aga is completely rebuilt, with the loose fill insulation removed and replaced with purpose built blankets with superior insulative properties. Individual elements serve each hotplate, enabling you to individually control each hotplate. Usually the hotplate is turned on for use and is up to full temperature in 15 minutes, the temperature can then be adjusted using the control knobs. The oven element is fitted between the ovens and the roasting oven temperature easily adjusted on a digital display. The simmering oven runs at approximately 100˚ below the roasting oven temperature. 4 oven conversions have a further control knob for the hot cupboard.


Why Convert?

  1. Up to 80% reduction in running costs

  2. Flexible operation

  3. Easy to use controls

  4. Remote operation possible with timer switch and App (please ask for more information)

  5. Controlled comfort levels. Heat the room in winter, stay cool in summer

  6. No flue requirements

  7. Fume free

  8. Eliminate servicing costs

  9. Reduced heat up and recovery times


Running Costs

As with all Agas, it is very difficult to accurately predict running costs as every household will use their converted Aga differently. However tests show that when used to maximum efficiency (only running the Aga when required) costs may be as low as £1 per day or below. The following costs were calculated in field trials over a 12 month period by the developers of Electrickit based on an electric unit cost of 15p. The users in question were a household of 2 working during the day.

The converted Aga was used as follows:

AUTUMN 3 months
timed operation on times 06:00 – 09:00 / 16.00 – 21.30 – 454Kw used

WINTER 3 months
with oven on 24 hours a day – 708Kw used

SPRING 3 months
timed operation on times 06.00 – 09.00 / 16:00 – 21.30 – 615Kw used

SUMMER 2012 3 months
switched on when needed for cooking – 287Kw used

The hobs were used only when required, this gave a total annual usage of 2064KW used.

At a rate of 15p* per KW this equated to £310.

Want to know more? Do get in touch. We can transform your Agas capabilities using Electrickit across the South West of England and beyond. We also offer this service throughout France. Our stunning Electrickit reconditioned Agas can be delivered anywhere in the UK and even to much of Europe.